Monday, October 18, 2010

Sebastian Bach Body Painting

Sebastian Bach is a legendary Canadian heavy metal singer, best known for his fun lively personality and for being the ex-frontman of Skid Row.

Sebastian Bach has quite a few of Body Painting designs on his body, including a beautiful art piece on his right forearm, which was an original painting by his father and inked by the great Body Painting artist, K Von D.

The Body Painting on his right arm include, a rather large flower on his shoulder, along with a Chinese symbol just below it. He has a pair of flaming converse shoes along with the phrase "Youth Gone Wild" on his forearm, plus a double edged dagger on his inner wrist and forearm area.

He has an array of Body Painting on his left wrist, including a big mouth with eyes, red lips and tongue, plus a tribal design with flowers.

Some of his other Body Painting include, a roadrunner on his hip and the name "Maria" on his neck.

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