Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feminine Tattoos Sexy Body Girls

Flower and Vine Tattoos
Flower tattoos have always been popular among female tattoo lovers. Flower tattoo designs for women are delicate and artistic in nature and hence make some of the best feminine tattoo designs. Moreover you have a myriad flower tattoos in front of you. You can get a jasmine flower tattoo or a plumeria tattoo. The list of flowers is endless and so are flower tattoos. Every flower has typical meaning associated with it and hence you can choose a flower tattoo with a nice meaning. Flower tattoos work best when combined with vine tattoos. The combination of these two can give you a nice bracelet tattoo or even a bouquet shaped tattoo. Read more on flower tattoos and their meanings.

Feminine Tattoos For Your Sexy Body GirlsFeminine Lotus Flower Tattoos For Your Sexy Back Girls
Feminine Tattoos For Your Sexy Body GirlsFeminine Flower Tattoos For Your Sexy Girls
Feminine Tattoos For Your Sexy Body GirlsFeminine Flower Tattoos For Your Stomach Sexy Girls
Feminine Tattoos For Your Sexy Body GirlsFeminine Flower Tattoos For Your Stomach Sexy Girls

Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are cute feminine tattoos that can be placed anywhere on the body. Heart tattoos are known for their versatile nature since they can be used to express various human emotions. Since heart tattoos are small in size, you can have a beautiful heart tattoo on your wrist, neck or even on your hip. Heart tattoo designs are very flexible and you can carve a heart tattoo with name of your loved one or a heart tattoo with wings. Celtic heart tattoo, broken heart tattoo, sacred heart tattoo, realistic heart tattoo, etc., are some heart tattoo designs. Read more on heart tattoos for girls.

Dragon Tattoos
If you are looking for unique feminine tattoos, then dragon tattoos can be great for you. But you need to note that, usually dragon tattoos are very large in size and are carved on a larger canvas like one's back. Larger the tattoo, more is the tattoo pain. These can also be carved on the arms and rib cage. Dragon tattoos are basically divided into two broad categories, Chinese dragon tattoo and Japanese dragon tattoo. There are various dragons with different meanings that belong to the Chinese and Japanese culture. You can select any dragon tattoo, which meaning has appealed to you the most. Read more on dragon tattoos for girls.

Star Tattoos
When you want small feminine tattoos then star tattoos are best choice for you. There are various star tattoos like Nautical star tattoo, shooting tattoo or star of David. Nautical star tattoos are very popular tattoos and can be placed on hips, wrist, neck, ankle, etc. These tattoos are known for their interesting history and great symbolic meanings. While having a shooting star tattoo, you can go for a single star or a bunch of stars. Since these are small in size, they are easy to place and can be combined with other tattoos like fairy tattoos and moon tattoos. Read more on star tattoos for girls.

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