Friday, November 5, 2010

Skin Head Tattoo-Shave your head for better reasons

skinhead tattoo imagesskinhead tattoo picturesWhy the term Skin Head? Is it only because someone chose to shaved and got it tattooed. Then, it should be Skin Arm Tattoo or a Skin Leg tattoo. Whatever maybe the reason, this skin head tattoo is quite interesting due to its complex and a thought provoking design.

The tattoo artist shows how the two parts of universe, water and sky merge with each other. The lotus, growing in water and the feathers, (angel wings, as it looks to me), represent sky and the two meet with a glow of light in between.

What becomes further interesting is the eye enclosed behind the lotus. This sort of complicated design holds a special meaning to the man adorning the same. You might want to go ahead with a simpler design and own that special Skin Head tattoo.

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